Comprehensive Security Services

Our endeavor is in making detailed recommendations to establish higher level of Safety and risk assessment that plugs various loopholes in an optimum, efficient and yet cost effective manner :


Geographic Location

  • Premises Location
  • Crime Rate & Risk Location Rate
  • Law Enforcement Proximity
  • Emergency Handling Office / Sites

Construction External / Internal

  • Fence & Gate.
  • External Lighting.
  • Structural (Door, Window, Locks, Hinges, etc.) Resistance to Intruder.
  • Neighboring Premises / Perimeter.

Asset Control System

  • Property Removal Policy & Procedure.
  • Property Removal Form / Gate Pass.
  • Audit Procedure.

Access Control Procedure / Policy

  • Access Control Procedure
  • ID Badge Policy
  • Access Authorization Policy
  • Visitor Control Policy
  • Access Control Procedure of Sensitive / Secured Area
  • Audit Procedure of Access Control Procedure
  • System capability & Deemed Adequate for the Operation
  • Installation of Access Control Equipment.

Security System & Emergency Alarm System

  • Security Intruder or Alarm System.
  • Emergency Exits Secured, Alarmed
  • Security Intruder Alarm System connected to a Security Company or a Law Enforcement Agency.
  • CCTV System & its adequate installation / operational capabilities.
  • CCTV recording and its Secure Area / Control Room Audit Procedure

Fire Control & Audit Procedure

  • Fire System & its Installation
  • Evacuation Lane & Emergency Exit
  • Stand By System
  • Fire Audit Procedure
  • Emergency responses plans and follow up.